Data Engineering

Attention Is All You Need: Fine-Tune Your Way to the CEO

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07 Dec
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11:05 am
11:15 am PST

About the Session

Boris Jabes, CEO of Census, delves into the critical role of data teams in influencing executive decisions and driving business growth. In this insightful session, he challenges traditional perceptions of data engineering, advocating for a shift towards growth engineering. The focus is on demonstrating how data teams can contribute significantly to a company's top and bottom lines by actively engaging in growth-related projects and decision-making processes. The talk emphasizes the importance of breaking down silos, proactively engaging with various company projects, and the necessity of presenting concise, impactful metrics to C-suite executives. Key takeaways include strategies for data teams to elevate their role from mere information providers to growth catalysts, the significance of automating decisions powered by data, and effective communication of distilled, decision-driving insights to executives.

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