Building A Real-time User-facing Dashboard with MySQL, Airbyte, Redpanda, and Apache Pinot

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07 Dec
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11:20 am
11:30 am PST

About the Session

When you hear "decision-maker," it's natural to think of "C-suite" or "executive."

But these days, we're all decision-makers. Restaurant owners, bloggers, big-box shoppers, and diners have important decisions and need instant actionable insights. Businesses need access to fast, fresh analytics to provide these insights to end-users like us.

In this session, we will learn how to build our own real-time analytics application on top of a streaming data source using Apache Kafka, Apache Pinot, and Streamlit. Kafka is a distributed, open-source pub-sub messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads; Pinot is an OLAP database designed for ultra-low latency analytics. Streamlit is a Python-based tool that makes it easy to build data-driven apps.

After introducing these tools, we'll use Airbyte to build an ETL pipeline that captures MySQL database changes and moves them to Apache Pinot for further analysis. Once we've done that, we'll bring everything together with an auto-refreshing Streamlit dashboard that queries Apache Pinot to generate a beautiful dashboard.

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