Data Engineering

Design Principles for ELT Database Destinations

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07 Dec
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10:55 am
11:05 am PST

About the Session

In his session, Evan Tahler, an engineering manager at Airbyte, will be delving into the world of ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) database destinations. He will focus on the dual nature of this process, highlighting both the technical challenges and the user experience aspects. Evan will share insights from Airbyte's journey, particularly their project "Destinations v2," aimed at improving database and data warehouse destinations. The session will address issues such as data type errors, schema changes, and data accessibility. Attendees will learn about Airbyte's innovative approach to ensuring easy-to-query tables, decoupling sync errors from data errors, and enhancing overall data observability. Key takeaways include strategies for effective schema migration and real-time data visibility, which are crucial for any data engineer or developer working with large-scale data systems.

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