Evolution of Data Lake and impact of GenAI in data industry

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07 Dec
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12:25 pm
12:35 pm PST

About the Session

Vishal Singh explores the evolution of Generative AI and its integration with Starburst, emphasizing the critical role of high-quality data in AI effectiveness. He delves into the history of data, starting from the big data era in 2000 through the emergence of AI in 2010, leading to the sophisticated Large Language Models (LLMs) of today. Singh highlights key themes like increasing human efficiency through AI and the necessity of rich data for AI success, illustrated by examples like GitHub's pilot case study. He discusses the specific data needs for Generative AI, including privacy, compliance, and governance, and introduces Starburst's unique data access layer that offers federated integration, scalability, and real-time data access. The session concludes with Singh outlining Starburst's roadmap, focusing on features like SQL generation and explanation, enhancing Gen AI and LLM applications.

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