LLMs for data engineers : Cutting Through the Hype

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07 Dec
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11:55 am
12:05 pm PST

About the Session

In today's AI-focused world, everyone's talking about Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4. But behind these powerful models, there's a key player: Data Engineering. Our talk will give a straightforward view of how LLMs and top-notch data go hand in hand.

We'll break down the basics of LLMs and spotlight the crucial job of data engineers in shaping and handling the data that fuels these models. Remember, without great data, even the best LLMs can fall short.

Plus, we'll explore how these AI tools support the everyday tasks of data engineers.

By the end of this session, attendees will:

- Have a down-to-earth understanding of LLMs.

- Recognize the vital role data engineering plays in AI.

- Learn ways to blend data engineering know-how with the latest LLM trends.

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