Chase Zieman

Chase Zieman, Chief Data Officer and Co-founder

Subject matter expert of hands-on and leadership experience within the data science industry which resides in the design and engineering of scalable AI as well as the efforts necessary to capture, stream, transform, and serve data. His experiences exhibit data science as an enabler of success in industries such as ecommerce / retail, marketing, engineering, energy, and banking. He has experience building, scaling, and leading high-performance programs and teams in these areas to be better than they ever believed possible. He is exceptionally qualified in the efforts necessary to digitally transform an enterprise and industry. His team will challenge the status quo, when necessary, and identify / prioritize a portfolio of data science opportunities that ensure we see short-term tangible impacts and guarantee long-term shareholder value. He works exceptionally well under pressure / ambiguity and is proficient in the design and execution of end-to-end data science products, quickly. Some of his professional goals are to become Chief Analytics Officer / Chief Data Scientist of a Fortune 500 company, teach university AI courses, and own a data sciences investment and consulting operation focused on global venture philanthropy. Love Purple, Live Gold!

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