How organizations can harness their data in conjunction with GenAI

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07 Dec
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12:55 pm
1:05 pm PST

About the Session

Join Brian, the Founder and CEO of Unstructured, for an insightful session on integrating generative AI with natural language data. Unstructured, a rapidly growing company with significant open-source adoption, focuses on making data ready for Large Language Models (LLMs). Brian will dive into the practical challenges and solutions for preparing diverse data types – ranging from PowerPoint slides to varied document layouts – for AI processing. He will discuss the importance of clean JSON data transformation, overcoming the limitations of off-the-shelf LLMs, and enhancing data retrieval through effective chunking and metadata filtering. Attendees will learn about Unstructured's innovative approach to data extraction, transformation, and integration, enabling organizations to enhance their AI capabilities with precise and relevant data inputs.

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